Helix - Densho - 2.04 Post Mortem

HelixFollowing the review is a roundup of questions and answers, as well as a detailed recap of the episode.

Each week Helix brings more questions and answers, and this week was no different. The episode, titled "Densho," gave us more on the virus, as we now know the source of it and how some of the characters were infected.

This week brought not only some more great juxtaposed music but also much more craziness in the form of Hatake. Not only is he hallucinating his dead wife and son, whose dead bodies sit at his dinner table, but now he wants to do the same to Julia. In an extremely creepy and also odd in the best ways scene, he takes her to his basement of horrors and gets ready to presumably embalm her.

The other great scene we get from those two characters is the awesomely choreographed fight between Julia and her father. Apparently you can bring an axe to a sword fight.

The only thing that concerns me is how the story might be playing loosely with its idea of immortality, but I guess we'll have to wait until next week to find out.

Back on the island in present time we get some great conversation with Alan and Peter and are also shocked to discover Balleseros is back in the mix, apparently back at Ilaria.

There's of course more craziness with Brother Michael and his cult. It seems that Michael isn't always in the know of everything that's going on, which may prove problematic for his "girls" and their legacy. And who or what the Helix is "Mother?"

I can't wait to see where we go from here.

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Questions, Clues, and Information:

The Virus:
This week brought us much more information on the virus. For one, we now know that the primary source of the fungus is coming from honey in a crack in the wall. How it got in the honey, however, is anyone's guess at this point. We also know that this is how both Soren and Isaac became infected because of the levels of blood sugar in their systems. According to Kyle, the bees aren't spreading the virus themselves (however this is slightly unclear, because they find a puncture mark during Travis's autopsy, though perhaps he ate the honey as well). The biggest question that still needs answered is, "Why did Soren get better?" Without the answer to this they have no treatment and not a high hope of containment.

Character Development:

Peter Farragut and Sergio Balleseros
A new development is that Peter is in contact with Balleseros at Ilaria. Balleseros obviously knows more than he is telling Peter, who needs to find out why Alan is on the island, and how he may be involved. Of course, what we don't know, is if Balleseros is still a double agent, or if he is on Ilaria's side at all anymore.

Alan Farragut
The more we hear from Alan, the more it seems he was responsible for the bombing and deaths at Ilaria, however, with this show, you never know. The one question I still have though, is if he did blow up their headquarters in Paris, how is Balleseros at one similar - was there more than one in the city, or is it possible that the building still stands? It's unclear, but according to the official site, Balleseros is in Paris. Howeveer, it has been said in the past that the people who write for the website aren't always talking to the writers, so it is possible that Balleseros is in another city.

Also it's confirmed through Alan that Julia was one of the leaders of Ilaria when he found her there. Regardless, he thinks that Ilaria is behind everything on the island and that the immortals are the real plague.

Sarah Jordan
We recently found out that Sarah may be eternally preggers, but that could change after being stabbed in the stomach.

Brother Michael
The children are considered to belong to the community. There is a slight hint that they could actually all be Michael's biological children, but who's to say. Also, the photos of the women on the wall in his office hold importance (Sister Anne previously mentioned them as her legacy); Brother Michael seems to imply the women are dead, as he uses it as a warning to the women. Also, has he met Sarah before?

A bit out of the box, but is there a way that both this legacy and Hatake's could somehow be connected?

Sisters Agnes, Anne, and Amy
The others aren't down with Amy's antics and her crazy drugs. Anne needs to grow a backbone. And who or what the hell is "Mother?"

The Cult Members
Are they all brainwashed or just scared? The show gives both impressions as sometimes people seem to want to talk but are unwilling. Maybe it's both.

Hiroshi Hatake and Julia Walker
It's pretty obvious old dad has flipped his lid. He's hallucinating living happily in his cabin with his dead son (sans head) and wife, who sit preserved at his dinner table. It's unknown if he has any connection to reality. He wants to keep Julia with him and will do anything to accomplish that, though he probably thinks he's saving her. He's got a vat of white goop that looks like embalming fluid ready for his daughter. Considering how many times Helix changes directions, it is slightly possible this really was some kind of "therapy" for immortality or RFG (Rapid Fungal Growth)/TXM-7, though it's most likely a moot point now anyway.

The big question of course is if Hatake and Julia (pretty likely) survived, and more than that, since when does such wounds effect immortality? Evidently beheading isn't the only option (see Sarah Jordan above).

Also, whether this has significance or not, the symbol on Hatake's katana is pretty much the same as Kajai Production's logo. Injoke or clue; you decide.

Other Burning Questions
The other questions that we got no information about this week are: What is up with the teeth Alan found and the gunk that is poured down people's throats in connection to that? Are the others in the woods simply those infected with the virus at a later stage perhaps (and is the odd hip bone in Alan's grave related)? And what's up with the eye removal of humans and rabbits and who is really responsible? And lastly, what really happened to Soren?


Bees fly around as Flight of the Bumblebee plays. A man is picking apples from the tree when he gets stung. That night in bed it is shown that he is infected. In the morning his girlfriend/wife comes in and asks if he is okay. He yells at her that she liked being with "him," and she responds that they talked about this and he said he understood; it doesn't change anything. "I am a vessel for another's path; the life growing inside of me belongs to all of us." The man replies, "He can't have you!" and attacks her, blood spraying the wall.

Day 4

Peter is on the roof talking to someone on the SAT phone via messages. He receives: "This changes nothing Peter. Your orders remain." Peter replies: "I know Alan is up to something. We should abort." The response is, "Find out what Alan is up to and report back."

Day 10954 30 years later

Hatake asks Julia if she slept well, which of course she didn't. She asks him what he has done to Daniel and Jay, knowing he's lost his mind. He just says sometimes it's difficult to be back home with your family. She questions that he doesn't realize they aren't actually there talking to him. He just ignores her or doesn't hear her, saying that they will be back soon, but in the mean time they have a whole day for some quality father/daughter time.

HelixBack in the present, Peter wakes up Alan, pretending he found him on the ground after someone had hit him on the head. He says he needs medical attention and he won't just leave him there even if he wants to.

Back in his room, Kyle looks at his bruises in the mirror when someone knocks. Brother Michael comes in and asks him how he is doing and says he wants to apologize on behalf of "his children." When questioned he says that it's just a figure of speech, that the children are "of the community" and don't belong to any one person. He says, however, that it was tragic that the disease could have altered their behavior like that. Kyle protests that he knows that's not what happened: they had no rash, jaundice, or physical effects of the fungal infection, and no one remembers anything. He knows they were under the influence of something else and accuses Michael of brainwashing them, which of course he denies. Kyle tells him he doesn't have him fooled like the others; he knows what he really is. Michael asks him what that is, and of course, he doesn't actually have an answer.

Sarah arrives saying that the samples are ready and it's time to continue the work. Kyle leaves, but as she turns to follow, Michael asks if they have met before because she seems familiar. She tells him that they haven't; she would remember.

On the way out Sarah asks Kyle what that was about. Kyle just quips that he must have been "following that path of his" when he came knocking on his door. Sarah is more concerned with the fact that they don't have a treatment for the disease yet - if they can't reach full containment, there is no stopping it. Kyle says that they are looking for a fungal toxin ingested rather than inhaled, so it is likely in the food supply, though none has tested positive thus far. Sarah tells him that Soren's immunity may be the key, and the fact that no one is looking hard for him leads her to believe that someone doesn't want them to find the boy.

Outside lays the body of Travis, the man from earlier, who died from the fungal infection. They will take him to the infirmary to prep for an autopsy. Landry looks on as Sarah chases after Olivia, Soren's mother. She won't answer anything, saying that Soren is on his own path. He will return on his own, and until then, she just wants "to be."

Thirty years in the future, Julia is on the dock strapped to the wheelchair. Hatake brings her breakfast with heart-shaped pancakes, which he feeds to her. She questions the song he was humming before, which reminds her of something. Her father says that he used to sing that for her when she was scared.

Looking out at the water and mountains, Julia comments that she can see why he likes the place, because it's like Montana. He responds that coming there was his second chance to pay his debt to humanity and protect his legacy. Talking to him like he could crack again any moment, she tells him that, regardless, she is dying and doesn't have much time. He just says she will be in therapy soon: the disease is not important; they must consider what is best for the family.

Hatake sees the "family" coming now and says he has a surprise for her, and then wheels her to his creepy basement. He says that the therapy will help her to join the family and not to be afraid: he's saved a place for her at the table. Seeing what looks like embalming equipment she screams that he can't make her like them.

In the dining hall, Brother Michael has an announcement and gets very annoyed that people keep talking and don't stop to listen. He yells and they are all surprised he raised his voice. They quiet. He wants to share his thoughts openly and to answer their questions about the recent tragedies. He asks Carson to tell him his "truth." The man stands up and says that they've all heard rumors about Isaac and the boy, that Soren is gone, and about Travis killing Mischa. Now Jerome is missing too. Will they all get sick and die? What are they supposed to do? Michael responds that as uncertain as they all are, they must uphold their routine, continue the harvest, and not allow themselves to be consumed by the doubts and fears of a world they left behind.

He starts to mention the doctors from the CDC when Olivia stands up, asking why they should trust them; everything was fine until they showed up. He says that their paths brought them there to help them, and they must accept their help and give back in return, but to remember to hold to their true selves and not become someone else.

HelixSister Agnes, Sister Anne, and Sister Amy are waiting for Brother Michael in his office. Anne says that people are mourning and to give them time. He says that he is mourning too, deeply. He asks if she knew Mischa was with child. Anne says they all lost part of their family. Michael, frustrated, yells "my family!" and questions what good is a family that can't protect the innocence of its children. Anne says it was the disease made that made them violent, but Michael says that according to the CDC it wasn't. The eldest woman looks at Amy, obviously knowing it was her that caused it. Anne just assures him that whatever happened is over now, and their crops are plentiful, and it will be back to normal soon. Michael says that they are a simple community run by a simple principle: they must feel safe. He caresses each of their faces (kind of creepily) and says that uncertainty is like a blight on the crop; they can't allow that. He needs the three of them to handle the matter discretely. He's trusting them, his "best three girls." Amy says they won't disappoint him. He says that that is good; he doesn't need any more pictures on the wall just yet.

In the botany lab Anne yells at Amy that when she acts alone it affects all of them, and it was selfish. Amy just responds that it's not her fault that Michael thinks Anne can't run things. Anne says that Amy is in charge of the children. Grace told her that Landry was alone with the children before the attack; if she keeps acting out, she can't protect the family. Amy says that maybe she's not the one that should be. Sister Agnes slaps her to watch her tongue. She then comments to Anne that one doesn't beg for respect. Agnes says to her that she knows what she does and who she does it with, and she has allowed her games, but now her actions are threatening to destroy everything they've worked for. They can't forget what is most important. Where would they be if anything happened to "Mother?"

Alan is back in the lab with Peter as he cleans up his head for him. Peter wants to know what's been going on with him, but he just keeps saying it's personal. Peter says he spent the last 8 months with no phone call or email from him. Alan thought he would be glad see him disappear, but Peter says that they've had their differences, but that doesn't mean he wants to see him bleed to death on some island. Peter questions why he came there of all places and what he is looking for. Alan won't tell him anything other than that they need to leave. Peter responds that they aren't going anywhere until they can contain the contagion.

HelixOver the autopsy of Travis, Sarah questions that Olivia has stopped looking for Soren and doesn't understand how she can give up on own son. Kyle suggests that maybe she can't admit she's wrong. Either way, Sarah knows Olivia knows something and wants to talk to her again. He tells her just to be careful - belief is a slippery slope, and if she pushes Olivia too hard she might take her off the cliff with her.

Kyle finds a puncture wound. It's too small for a needle, but could bite or sting. It doesn't fit their profile, but they might be looking at an insect born vector.

Julia is chained to a gurney, covered with a sheet. There is a vat of thick why liquid going into a tube. It looks as if maybe he is going to embalm her alive. She tries to stop her father, saying that she wants to join the family, but not like this. He won't listen, so she starts saying that Daniel hates her, because she is his real daughter, and that he doesn't want to risk losing him again. Hatake is adamant that he will never leave. He goes to inject a needle in Julia when he sees Daniel come in, upset that he is canceling their fishing trip they planned weeks ago, to be with her. Hatake wants to reschedule, but Julia, seeing the scalpel and such on the table next to her, tells him to take Daniel, and she can wait. After all, she's not going anywhere. He agrees.

The Andy Griffith theme song plays as the two go fishing. Meanwhile, Julia struggles to pull the table over to her with her foot, but all she ends up doing is knocking it over, along with the contents, onto the floor. She screams and swears as the scene cuts out.

Sarah and Kyle come into the lab. Alan tries to leave but Sarah tells him they need his help. He says he's not in the CDC anymore. Knowing how to reel him in, Sarah tells him that they have thirty victims - twenty-nine are dead, but the one got better. This intrigues him.

They tell Alan that they are calling the infected mycotic - myco for fungus, plus psychotic. They've had no luck with the food testing; none of the victim's stomach contents showed fungal metabolites, but as Alan points out, that just means it broke down too quick to be detected. Alan says that Soren and Isaac had elevated hemoglobin A1C levels - they must have had a sweet tooth. They don't allow process sugars on the island though, so they must have eaten something outside of their normal diet which is how they ingested the fungus.

Peter tells Sarah to talk to Olivia again and for Kyle to track down those who were close to Travis, that maybe they caught him with candy.

Alan decides to still leave, which angers his brother. Peter questions that it is all about getting Julia back. Alan tells him that he expected in Paris to find Julia a prisoner of Ilaria, not one of the leaders. He thinks Ilaria is behind everything on the island. Peter questions why they would want a bunch of new age farmers. Alan thinks that Narvik and the mycosis are all just symptoms of a bigger sickness - the immortals are the real plague. Peter asks if he plans to just kill them all. What about Julia and Sarah; will he kill them too? Alan says he doesn't have to explain himself, then he questions the luck that on so much land Peter happened to be the first one that found him after being hit on the head, implying he was involved.

Sarah talks to Olivia again, who tells her that everything they eat is grown locally. Sarah comments that they must get tired of the same thing and implies that Soren must have taken something sweet before he got sick. Olivia says that he would never break the rules, even when Sarah tells her the blood tests proved it. She just tells her that her son will return on his own time; he even packed a bag with his favorite teddy bear. Sarah just remarks that people will keep getting sick if they can't figure out why only Soren got better. Olivia, who has become more upset and angry, yells that no one was sick before they came, and maybe they brought the disease from the outside.

Peter is on the roof again on the SAT phone. Alan is hiding nearby, listening. Peter says that he thinks Alan suspects something; he keeps bringing up Ilaria. He questions what is going on and what has he gotten him into. The voice on the other end says that they can deal with Alan and he will tell him what he needs to do next. It is then revealed that the voice belongs to none-other than Balleseros, who is talking on the phone from inside an Ilaria building.

While Flight of the Bumblebee plays again, Kyle goes to investigate and finds a bunch of bees flying around, congregating on a crack in the brick wall in the orchard, which is dripping some kind of yellow substance, possibly honey, but probably the source of the fungal infection. He gets out gloves and takes a sample while batting away the bees.

Meanwhile, Sarah is sneaking around the children's room. She opens a trunk and finds a bear like Soren's. She remembers it was missing an ear and rips it off, shoving the bear in her bag.

Back at Hitake's, Julia is still strapped to the gurney when he returns. There is a syringe beside her she is trying to grab. He is disappointed by the mess she's made. Julia comments on his humming, that she remembers where she heard the song. When he was little she would hear a man and a woman yelling at each other - it was Jaye and him arguing about her. She would cry and he would sing that song to make her stop. He just says Daniel was right about her. She screams that Daniel isn't there; he's dead. He won't accept it, and says she's lying. She tells him that she isn't, and that Jaye is dead too; they died at Arctic Biosystems.

He turns on the machine, and she warns him that if he does this she will die. Hatake remarks, "We are immortal; we live forever." She begs that she won't heal from it, and he knows that it is true. She says that he killed all of those people and he has to remember. He doesn't want to. He sticks the needle in her neck, but before the fluid hits her, she starts humming the song with him, and he eventually takes the needle out. He kisses her and she asks to hug him and calls him "Dad." He thinks about it and unstraps her arms. She has the syringe in her hand and stabs him in the back of the next when he hugs her. He stumbles from what was probably a sedative and she gets away, grabbing an axe as she runs into the woods. He screams for her and keeps stumbling around, grabbing a katana. He starts her way.

Back at the lab in the present, Kyle is running tests, and the honey comes out toxic. The sample is crawling with micro-toxins. Peter says that it fits the profile: it's high fructose, ingestible, and degrades rapidly. The bees, however, aren't carriers, which is lucky for Kyle, as he almost got stung.

In the woods, Julia is walking, most likely still under the effects of the drugs, as is assumedly Hatake, when he comes at her. They fight katana to axe. He cuts through the wood of her axe. He slices her across the back and taunts her to keep going. They fight some more. She says they should have done this a long time ago; she might have been free. He disagrees, and says that as long as she lives, there will always be a part of her that is him.

Hatake flips her over and is about to go in for the kill when he hallucinates Jay appearing. She just stares at him. Julia is able to knock him away and then she swings her axe into his stomach and he falls against the tree. Possibly dying, he tells her to take the sword. He says, "It is my legacy." There is something written on it in Japanese. She asks him what it means, and he replies, "Densho." He tells her that he should have never made her like him, and that he is sorry. She tears up a bit and then gets up and leaves.

Hatake makes it back to his cabin, blood running from his mouth. He stumbles to the table and sits down. Daniel puts his hand on his shoulder and tells him that it is okay, they're there. Jaye is there as well and tells him that she will never leave him and kisses him on the cheek. He takes their hands and then smiling closes his eyes and falls back and the camera pans to show the true bodies of his family members, and we are left to wonder if he is dead.

Sarah comes to talk to Olivia again, but she thinks she is just judging her, trying to blind her to her path, and doesn't want to talk to her. Sarah says she deserves to know the truth and pulls out "Soren's" bear which she said he took with him. Sarah says she found it with another child's things and he needs his mother. She tells her Michael is lying to them all and the proof is in front of her. She takes it and then says it isn't Soren's, that she is trying to trick her. She grabs a knife and says that maybe Sarah is the one who took him and did experiments on him, and they made everyone sick. She stabs Sarah in the stomach, and then looks surprised at what she has done. She drops the knife and leaves as Sarah slides to the floor.

Julia walks along, her back bleeding quite bad, and collapses on the ground.

Sarah lays on the ground holding her stomach and worries about her child.

Overlapping, Julia lays on the ground barely moving, singing the song that her father sang to her.

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