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Exclusive: Roger Cross Talks Season Two of Dark Matter

Roger CrossTonight Syfy aired an all new episode of its hit series Dark Matter. At the end of last season, fans were shocked to discover that Six, played by Roger Cross, was the one who betrayed the crew and turned them into the Galactic Authority.

This season some of Six's backstory was revealed. He found out that he was working for the Galatic Authority. However, things did not go as planned, as the prison was corrupted. Outside of the prison, One (Marc Bendavid) was murdered.

Although still not completely trusting him, the crew brought Six back to the Raza with them after he helped them escape the prison.

Cross recently talked to Jamie Ruby in an exclusive interview with SciFi Vision about his character and what fans can expect next.

**Interview contains spoilers for 2.05**

SCIFI VISION: I know this is back at the end of last season, but can you talk about when you first found out that Six was the one who was the traitor?

Roger CrossROGER CROSS: When we got the script, it didn't say who the traitor was; it just said, "the mole" in the script. So no one knew. And we didn't actually find out until the day of, in the afternoon, right before we shot it, who the actual mole was.

Joe [Mallozzi] had thrown people off the track, told people different stories, things like that. He even sent in people for wardrobe fittings just to throw people off, so no one would really know who the real mole was.

But it's funny, because when we first got it, the first instinct was, it's Six, because it's the only one that made sense, but then so many different things were going on that it was like, 'Oh it can't be him, because of blah blah blah blah blah.'

Earlier in the day, they were filming a scene where they were in the hallway and they had that Mexican standoff with Three (Anthony Lemke), One, and Five (Jodelle Ferland). And right when they were filming that, I was like, 'Ah it's me,' and Joe looked at me and kind of smiled, but it wasn't until in the afternoon when he went through, and I don't know if we'll ever see the behind the scenes stuff where it actually shows him going, "And you're not the mole! And you're not the mole!" and then he's like, "And you are the mole!" and he did the whole thing.

So I was kind of like, 'All right, this is going to be interesting. I want to see how you're going to play this out next season. Are you going to make it like he's actually against everyone?' You know, because we spent a whole year building this team, this family kind of thing, so it was kind of like, 'Well, it's probably going to be fun to play, but we've busted up this beautiful family we've created, in a sense. We'll see where it goes and trust you to guide us that way, and we'll see what happens.'

Six found out about who he was, not just that he now knows that he was Galactic Authority, which obviously knowing that, he wasn't finding out he was a bad guy like he may have thought, but he did find out according to his friend that some of the stuff that was going on he had originally known about and had accepted. Can you talk about how his outlook changed from that and how knowing this has changed who he is now?

That's what's interesting, because I feel kind of bad for Six in a sense, because every time he thinks he knows who he is, he gets this nugget of information, and now he still doesn't know who he really is.

If you think about that, he's been told these different things by his friend, or supposed friend, who ends up shooting him to stop him from getting away, but it's kind of like Five said to him, "How do you know he's telling the truth?" At the end of the day, he's trusting the fact that this guy is honest and forthright, and he's trusting all these things, but, you know, what was his life like before? Did he have a wife? Did he have kids? None of that's been touched on. What was his daily life like?

And sometimes what happens in real life, as we all know, is people start accepting things. It's kind of like, you know, the election for example. 'Well I can't make a difference; I'm not going to vote,' or 'I can't do anything anyways, so I might as well go along with it.' At that point where he finds out they blew up these people to make a difference, he's like, 'Well this stuff's going to happen anyways. I'm a cop; this is what I do. I'll take the next assignment, and I'll move on, because there's nothing else I can do.'

And so that kind of made it so that he in a sense was probably a good person, taking care of his family or whatever he was doing, whatever reason he had for [doing it], but he wasn't the bravest of men.

And now since he's found this crew, and they've decided they want to change things and make life better, and he's taking on all these things, he's like, 'No, man, I'm making a difference. I'm not just going to take this nonsense anymore.' And that's why when he finds out they're going to get killed, he's like, 'I've got to get these people out of here, because I did not sign them up for this, whatever they did wrong.' Kind of like what you said, 'You know what? I'm working for people who are even bigger criminals; they just have the law behind them.'

Roger CrossAnd there're some sad parallels to life right now, and I don't want to get too much into that, but it's kind of like the whole thing with the cops. If the good cops don't speak up against the bad cops, they're just as bad. If you witness something bad happening, and you do nothing about it, you're just as guilty in a sense. It doesn't make whatever you do right, but you need to speak up when you see things wrong, no matter who's doing it.

So we found out a good chunk about Six, but like you said, we really don't know how much of it is true. Is there going to be another episode this season that's going to give us more of his backstory, or will we have to wait until next season?

It's something I think that will probably be needed, but maybe hasn't happened yet, we don't know yet, and that's something Joe has to figure out how to get to. I mean, you'll discover other things about him, but I don't know if you'll get all the answers quite yet.

I did ask you a bit about this on the conference call the other week, but some people are quicker to trust Six again than others. Obviously Two (Melissa O’Neil) and Five seem to be okay with it the most. Three and Four (Alex Mallari Jr.), especially Three, are not exactly accepting. Three still walks out of the room at the end of this week's episode. Are there going to be any specific repercussions, or maybe something that will get messed up because of the lack of trust between the characters, later on?

Well you know, that's it. How do you move past it? You can say, 'All right, I understand why you did what you did, and in the end you did save us,' but there're still going to be those people who still don't trust you. Because it's that whole thing about you can say sorry to people after things have happened, but the damage has been done.

So now, moving forward, will it affect things? I think it definitely will affect things. I can't get into specifics, obviously, but it will affect things. And it will affect how they interact, and maybe in the moment that they hesitate, it could cause problems for someone down the road, who knows? Maybe I do know, but I'm not going to say! [laughs]

Do you think he's forgiven himself completely, or do you think he's still working on that?

He's still working on that. Because, you know, as you said, he thinks he knows who he is, after they blow up the planet, because I think for him, part of the thing too, and Six said this to Four a while ago, he's part of the reason why he did what he did. Because remember they had that conversation on the ship, and he goes, "There were lots of things you could have done if you really wanted to stop us from making that delivery. You could have sabotaged us; you could have done all these things, but you chose not to do anything." Which I guess in the past is what he's done, chosen not to do anything: go ahead, take the next assignment, be the cop that he is.

In this case he chose not to act, and now he sees he has the tools to act, and these people, as much as he loves them, they're dangerous, because they have to do things like steal all these things for this corporation just to stay ahead of things, and they're willing to do whatever it takes, and he's like, 'You know, they've got to be stopped, and this was my original task, and I obviously took it on for a reason, so I'm going to stop them.' And he does that, and then he realizes that, 'Wow, we're just being manipulated and used by these corporations, and the only thing I know are these people, and I've opened that relationship now. And so what do I do?

And part of it too is kind of like, he got played; everyone else got played, and he feels terrible, and I think it will maybe be a little while before he forgives himself, but I don't think it will stop him. Now that he's done it, he's going to live up to his convictions, and he's not going to just sit around and be passive anymore.

In this week's episode, just in your own opinion, do you think if it were up to Six alone he would have made the decision to go after Jace (Bendavid)? He obviously helps them, but he is hesitant. Would he have gone after Jace or let it go?

Roger CrossOh no, he would have gone after him I believe. I don't think he would have gone after him with the intent of killing him, but he would have gone after him to punish him. But now that he knows the law is corrupt, what do you do? Because you can't let that go, and in a sense he's also semi responsible for One getting killed. A lot of it is on him, so he knows this, but he also knows what it feels like when he went after the general and he thought he got revenge by killing him and realized what it really felt like. That vengeance did not quell that feeling inside, and murdering a person in cold blood changes you. And so for him, it's not as fulfilling as you might think. So we can go after this guy, but going after him with the intent of killing him is different than going after him to make him pay for his crimes.

I was thinking about it when I was watching it, but the cop that comes in in this week's episode, I don't know his character's name, but he's played by Kris Holden-Ried, he is working for the Galactic Authority, but he seems to be kind of almost blinded like Six was, thinking he was doing the right thing, and sort of not seeing, or at least not admitting to himself, what's really going on, and that everyone is corrupt and everything. Are they ever going to maybe get help from those kinds of people? I'm just curious since Six worked for the Galactic Authority, will we see maybe anyone that he knew that's maybe on the other side of the law that will help them out?

Yeah, I mean, like I said, future episodes, I can't tell you what's going to happen specifically, but people, generally speaking, as a cop, even in this day and age, most people are like, 'I became a cop to protect and serve,' There are lots of people who didn't, obviously, but a lot of them took the job to protect people.

Even politicians. A lot of the times they go into the job meaning well, the majority, and then they get in there and they realize, 'Listen, if you don't let a person pay for this, then you don't get this. You don't let this person give you this, then you don't get that.' So a lot of these cops, they're like, 'This is the system, but you know what, I'm doing the greater good by protecting the innocent people from the people who break these laws. These laws, generally speaking, are there to protect us, and so in a sense, you can't fault them from upholding the law, but you can also say that there's a higher law that needs to be followed here. And you were allowing these people to manipulate and use people, and that's some of the sad truth, because lawyers make these laws, and people try to uphold them, but as you know, to get one law passed they put a lot of pork in there [laughs] to try and get it passed. And so instead of voting for just 'this is wrong; this person should go to jail for that,' you go, 'Okay, I'll give you that, but you're going to make sure that we're allowed to dump toxins in this river over here,' and just slide that in and go along with things.

So a lot of these mega corporations, because of lobbyists and things like that, which in the show is kind of paralleling a lot of those things, they allow these things to happen. And if you project it into the future, how much greater control will these corporations have than they do today? Imagine if they've expanded to a galaxy or a universe instead of just earth, how much more powerful these corporations will be if they have control of people's lives. And they can manipulate everything if you've done something wrong. They can do a campaign on you and say you're actually a terrorist, and you've done horrible things. You know what I mean? They can manipulate the media and everyone around.

Roger CrossAnd so, yeah, you have these people who are going to uphold that side of it, and other people who will go, 'No this is nonsense; this is wrong because they are manipulating people. And we're cops, but we're not really here to protect people; we're here to protect the corporation and their interests.'

And there will be people who will probably figure it out, much like Six did, or whatever you want to call his character [laughs], and then you try and do the right thing, or you decide, 'Nah that's too complicated; you can't fight these guys so forget it. Live your life; do what you need to do.'

Probably my favorite relationship on the show is between Six and Five. Can you talk about that relationship and how it's been altered by Six's betrayal?

I mean, I think that's one of the lines he says later on, that that's the thing that hurts the most, because at the end of the day, he was doing it to protect her, because he's going, 'She can't grow up on this ship and be around all this danger all the time; she needs a proper home to grow up in,' and he thought that by doing this, they would have to go to jail, and she would be adopted. Five would go on and live this life and have a chance at a great future, because she's so bright, so intelligent, and deserves this chance. He can fix things. He's got a genius level child, but she'll never reach her potential if she's just running around with criminals all over space. And by trying to help her, he actually hurt her. His best intention turned out to be not the best thing for them. In his perfect world it would have been great, because they would have paid for their crimes that they committed, and he would be willing to pay for his own crimes, saying 'I did wrong as well,' but this young lady deserves a chance, and this is the only way to give it to her.

And so I think she gets it, but she's kind of like, 'But I don't care about any of that, because these are the only people that I've really cared about,' because the only other person she cared about, that young boy, was killed. So these are the only people she knows and the first time she's felt kind of part of a family.

And so I blew that up and messed that up [laughs], but I did it for love. To take care of her.

It's going to be a delicate balance, but as I said, at the end of the day, loved ones make mistakes. We've all been there where someone's wronged you in a sense or whatever. You'll get past certain things.

Does he know exactly how Five herself has changed, how she's had to change? Is he - I don't want to say disappointed, but is he maybe going to try to steer her in what he thinks is the right direction? I think about the fact that she, well, she didn't actually kill them, but had the Android kill a couple people, and also about the fact in this episode there's a conversation where she's talking to Six about revenge and that maybe they need to go after people. Is he okay with that, or is he going to try to pull her back, or maybe he's just watching grow and make her own decisions?

He will always care, but I think he's got to realize, and like she says, she's like, "I'm not a kid anymore," and the days of her being this innocent little thing that needs to be protected are long gone. She's proven that she can take care of herself in a sense, but on top of that too, people are going to have to let people make mistakes. And so he probably will still try and protect her and take care of her, but at the same time, he's got to say, 'Last time I said, 'I know what's best for you and I'm going to take care of you and turn you guys in,' it didn't turn out so well.' So maybe the next time he's about to stop her, he'll have to do a double take, simply because that trust has been ruined, that whole thing about, 'oh don't do this,' will be kind of like, 'Oh maybe you need to be quiet for a minute.' [laughs]

Can you talk about some of the stunts and fight scenes and such in general terms; I'm sure there's more of that coming up.

There will be some amazing fights. I mean, John Stead's a really talented coordinator, and he's come up with some great fight sequences. And we have a really good stunt team.

Roger CrossWhat can I say specifically? My favorite stuff is obviously going to be Four's stuff with like Misaki (Ellen Wong), and with even Nyx (Melanie Liburd)'s character and things like that coming up. The girls seem to have more fun with this stuff then we do right now. [laughs]

Well, you were also shot recently, so it makes sense. [laughs]


But you've done a lot of the fighting before.

Definitely. But there're some great sequences coming up - and the prison riot I thought was great, but there're some bigger fight sequences even than that coming up later on in the season that people are going to enjoy.

Last season I talked to you guys about the tech on the show; there was the Transfer Transit, and things like that. Is there any new futuristic tech this season that you really liked?

Yeah there's actually two pretty trippy things, which I can't tell you about [laughs], but you're going to see them soon. There's one thing that you guys will find interesting, and I like some of these - oh my God I can't even tell you about it! There's some future tech that's going to be fun that he plays with that is similar to some things, but puts a little Dark Matter twist on it we'll say.

There's something the show alluded to that might be coming in the future that I wanted to ask about. Going back a bit, the end of the last episode, 2.04, there is the scene with with Alicia Reynaud (Inga Cadranel) talking to Commander Nieman (David Richmond-Peck) about the key that Five has, and they said something about them holding the key to victory in the war. So a war between the corporation and whoever fights against them could be coming. Can you talk about that at all?

It's kind of like anything else. There are people who are planning sabotage; people are planning take overs; it's like the big bad boys on the block are there. Someone wronged someone and someone's like, 'Well I'm going to do something about it,' and kind of like, you know, 'I'm sick of you having control of this beautiful territory here and I want it.' And the only way to get it is through some deception and maybe starting a war. And so maybe that will happen, and then maybe the Raza will have to take sides or just be for the like they were before, 'Hey for the highest bidder, if you want a job done, call us; we'll get it done.' And since the corporations all know that, maybe they will be approached by different corporations to do different things if this war were in fact to start.

Is there anything else that you can tease about?

Roger CrossThere will be chaos. [laughs] I mean, if you thought the twist at the end of last season was crazy, I think the twist at the end of this season is even crazier. I know it's even crazier. [laughs] It's pretty wild. Some things will happen that you will not expect, and we didn't even expect it, and, you know, we sometimes read it and went, 'Whoa okay, that's happening? Okay, all right, let's go.' [laughs] So he's cooked up some goodies for people at the end of the season.

Do you have any other projects coming up you want to talk about?

One that will be coming up, is I do a thing on the new Planet of the Apes movie. That will be coming up.

And I have a role, well I guess I can kind of tell you a little bit, but I can't get into it. Neil Blomkamp, the director from District 9, I did two different projects with him. We started off with one project, and we ended up doing a second one, and that will be coming up, but I can't say anything until he releases [information] that he's going to be releasing soon. He said I'm allowed to say we did something, but I can't say what it is, but I can say one of the things I did with Neil has to do with gaming. That's all I can say.

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