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Advance Review: The X-Files Delivers a Classic Dose of Quirky Comedy

The X-FilesThis Monday The X-Files takes a comedic turn as “Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-monster.” The duo is called in to investigate what may be a serial killer, an animal attack, or something else altogether when witnesses claim they saw a monster.

The episode, written brilliantly by Darin Morgan, is a step back into the quirky and silly episodes of the original. The series was always able to poke fun of itself in the best ways. The episode is not only a throwback to the original series as it is filled with references and injokes, but an excellent story in its own right.

The X-FilesThere are honestly so many things I loved about this episode, but in keeping the review spoiler-free I will have to wait for the post mortem.

Not only were stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson fantastic, but so were guest stars Rhys Darby and Kumail Nanjiani. Everyone’s comedic timing was perfect, and I didn’t stop laughing through the whole episode.

That’s not to say the episode doesn’t have its serious moments as well. There is an overall message to the piece, and the normal “monster-of-the-week” story is twisted in a unique way. It’s a good bet that the episode is sure to soon become a fan favorite.

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